• Hip Labrum Tear
  • Hamstring Injury
  • Thigh Muscle Strain
  • Hip Arthritis
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Dead leg
  • Iliotibial band (ITB)


Muscle pulls and tears are common injuries experienced in the thigh. In the acute phase, there may be excessive bruising and possibly a hard lump (haematoma or dead leg). Self treatment with ice (wrapped in a thin towel to prevent ice burn), elevating the leg and avoiding any movements that cause an increase in pain can help in the first 24 hours. Prompt treatment with Physiotherapy can help to settle these injuries, rehabilitate and strengthen the damaged muscle to get you back onto the sports field safely.

Arthritis of the hip is a common problem in older age. Pain, stiffness and pain on walking can be an indication of wear and tear at the hip. Physiotherapy can assist you to ease the pain and strengthen the muscles helping you to manage this condition yourself. We can also help with “pre-habilitation” and post operative care if you have need of a joint replacement.

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